Our services

Moneo provides services that help leaders and managers to achieve their goals.

We primarily operate within the financial sector with a focus on financial corporations under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Moneo is an organisation with experienced personnel.
Our goal is to provide services with high integrity and quality.

Internal audit

Moneo currently maintains the function of internal audit for a number of different financial companies such a asset managers, fund managers, alternative investment companies, as well as insurance companies.

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Risk assessment/management

Moneo currently maintain the function for risk management for a number of different financial companies. We assist with support and occasional services to financial companies with their own function of for risk management.

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Corporate governance
education and knowledge development

Moneo has developed a method for documenting processes that efficiently visualizes and verifies the company’s main processes.

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Moneo helps several companies to start their businesses. Our goal is to provide services with high integrity and quality.

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Project management
and Procurements

Every company needs project management at some point. Moneo provides senior project managers with experiences from complex tasks.

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We work to improve companies communication and results. From taking part in an ongoing process to the usage if the IERAK-model.*

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Finding what is right for your company is not always easy.
We want to help our customers find the right competence, therefore, we have compelled a variety of competences within Moneo. It should be easy to find the right consultant with the right experiences.

Under consultants you can find what specific experiences each consultant upholds.
For help, contact Agneta Bremander at 0708732916 to discuss and evaluate your specific needs/requirements and match it with our competence.

Strategic competence

Development of operative organizational/ operational organisation structure including roles and responsibility, structure of conclusions and significant processes. Change management including project management and outsourcing.

Implementation of corporate governance-/… ISO 9001:2015, FFFS 2005:1 and Solvens II as well as upcoming demands on certifications.

Operational Competence

Fonder, Fondhandel and fondadministration.

Supporting competence

Risk management, settlements of risk appetite/establishing risk appetite, risk measures and limitations, monitoring of risks/ risk monitoring, risk reports, introduction and development of risk management systems.

Security and information security from ISO 27001, identity and availability, physical security, continuity and preparations.

Financial reports including IKLU

Sustainability including HR-related processes, sustainability reports, implementation of environmental certifications and ISO 14001.

IT, implementation and development of IT-systems and ITGC controls.

Educations and certifications



Trade marketing strategies, business and corporation/al development as well as communicative guidance at startups.